We’re always looking for adventure close to home!!

Did you know you can enjoy a farm & wine experience in Bush Louisiana?

Splendor Farms is a charming 75-acre Louisiana farm located 1/4 mile from the scenic Bogue Chitto River.

Horseback Riding! 

Even if it’s your first time riding a horse, you can relax and enjoy because their horses are easy going. Horseback riding is tour guided through creeks & woods, across big fields, and around lakes.

The horses are absolutely beautiful. Ages 8 & Up can enjoy the one-hour trail ride.

Petting Zoo! 

There weren’t many animals at the petting zoo at the time when we went but the ones they had out were very friendly. They LOVE animal crackers!! We saw a pony and goats.



You can stay on the farm at either the B&B or a few other accommodations like the Guest Cabin.

We stayed at the Guest Cabin and it was perfectly relaxing! Their guest cabin is charming and has a pond and glass area with a view of the woods to enjoy while dining or playing cards. Click here to view options: Splendor Farm B&B

Miniature Dachshunds!

You will find the happiest puppies on the planet at this beautiful farm. Our son visited the puppies several times a day. They run out to greet you and it’s like having a PUPPY PARTY!! You can’t hold them but you can pet them and they LOVE people!!!

Pontchartrain Vineyards in Bush Louisiana is just a few miles and a beautiful drive from Splendor Farms!!



They had a live band playing that started right as we walked-in! Tasting was only $5 per person. If you decide to purchase a bottle of wine, your tasting is complimentary.

The wine is a bit sweet so if you enjoy sweet wines, you will LOVE their new BlueBerry Wine!

I personally like a warm red wine so my pick from the tasting was their red wine, Dah Red!

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or visit them online at: Pontchartrain Vineyards